Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Twenty

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Twenty

Where Dragons Reign

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Since Tilikum’s sharing of the earth’s origins, with me, he and I have been in close quarters with each other, at times him riding with me as I re-explored the telling of the later parts of these tales, and assisting me in editing.

On one of the days, while working on the project, he put in my mind, to do a spirited search for his first two pool mates, who were with him, just after his capture and imprisonment at Sealand park of the Pacific.

There, he and the other two whales, females, had drug a woman down in their pool, after she had slipped into the water, drowning her. I also remembered reading that one of the females had a baby by him, but couldn’t recollect which one. I wasn’t sure if either of them or the baby, still lived or had died at some point. These were the, only, few facts I could recall from the Blackfish Documentary or other readings.

The impression I received from Tilikum was that he was worried about what had happened to them. I had agreed to try and find them later in the evening during my spirit travel work.

I wasn’t sure I could locate them: Not knowing how either of their energy felt and having never gone into the spirit to find two separate beings, at once, probably in two different locations. This scope of activity was going to be a first for me.

When the time came, I could not feel Tilikum with me but expected he would show up if he wanted, or he was, at present, invisible to my senses. I made myself ready, clearing my mind of any anticipation. No expectations. And, calling in, making contact with, my Heavenly Guides.

With an intention to find the two particular female whales, I sent my senses out in a broadband sweep into the skies, hoping to get a ping on my radar as to their whereabouts. Nothing.

I felt certain that if either of them had crossed over into the veil of the spirits, I would have felt a response. That being ruled out, I determined, they were either still alive, or dead and earthbound like most animal spirits. I wondered at myself, why I hadn’t checked the internet to see if they were alive or dead. I suspected they were dead. I would check the pools in the water parks first.

Scattering my awareness in a broad search, honing into water park pools and whale energy, I found diseased whales, both living and dead, stacked layers deep; The poor dead whales hibernated on cement slabs in the depths of crystal blue pool water. Living whales swam in the cramped energetic muck. I would have to deal with that mess, but for now, my mission was to find two particular whales.

Focusing on pinpointing, one of two, precise whale energies, amongst the waste, I found a deceased female, she carried a baby inside her, and another larger baby whale beside her, that was not really there, it was only her despair that made it so.

The communication between her and I was distinctive; it was more like we were talking with hand signals but through visions, as our intention. To get my message related to her it came across as a full motioned picture, her and her two babies swimming together, in the open sea; That becoming the action, after the movement, of what I offered.

Her response to my visioned intention was to motion her left gray etheric flipper at me, where the made up baby spirit formed. She showed herself and the fetus inside her, glued to the bottom of the pool, making herself profoundly understood, “I ain’t going nowhere without my babies!”

She was agreeable, but only if they all three went. Moreover, her intent was that the baby at her side is made real and the one inside her be outside her. She showed me the three of them swimming together.

Now, this I had done before. The female whale had an imprint of the baby by her side; it would be easy enough to gather mother, fetus and fragmented baby together as a pod and transport them to the Sea Heaven.

Picturing the outcome: mother whale had seen my intentions as I had formed the plot in my mind and signaled me. She was ready to go. Now — To be with both her babies, healthy, happy and free!

Before my next inhale: I had the advantage point of being in the sky above the ocean, the mother whale and her two babies leisurely swam in the deep; three whale silhouettes swimming under clear ocean waters.

It all happened so fast. I wondered who had done the transporting her or me. Or who?

As I watched in farewell, my mission completed, knowing she was where she needed to be, Tilikum, in a humble whale form, appeared in the air beside me. “I can take you to the other,” he told me under his breath. I frowned in wonder. What was he up to now?

No sooner had Tilikum announced his confession when the skies above began growing darker, and a sound like thunder boomed and echoed all around us.

As I watched in consternation, a massive female dragon head appeared through an opening hole in the sky. She pushed back clouds and sky with long sharp front claws, pulling them back like curtains. When she had cleared away enough, to be revealed fully; She sat on a golden throne that shown as a mirror, mesmerizing. When she adjusted in her seat, her scales flashed cryptic shades of reflective gold tones, creating sparks of silver that shot off in every direction, causing the thunderous sounds!

Oh, and she did move! Still sitting in her chair, she managed to stretch her neck out to reach me, face to face, peering into my eyes as I stood drugged by her majestic beauty. Tilikum turned tail and swam away through the air, leaving me to my fate.

All at once, through her penetrating stare, I knew, in a download of information: That Tilikum had set me up, he had known all this would happen when he baited me into rescuing his adopted pod mates. This female dragon had put him up to the whole plan. She was the other female whale that had been with him in the beginning. And! She is an ancient wise Dragon Queen!

Pleased with my understanding of her royalty, a genuine smile of appreciation formed on her entrancing scaled lips. Her absolute, radiant self-assurance, pulled me along as she reclined herself back into her seat until I stood directly before her majesty.

Without any more to do, she spoke. “Tilikum will be your guide, to help you rescue our fellow whales. You will search the seas far and wide. Those I deem will come here to be with me and learn the ways of the dragon. I will be overseeing the earth waters, and if humankind does not appreciate the whale’s company then we will leave the waters entirely and rain down fire, flying in the sky!”

Then, she pushed me away, to my bed, wide awake — just as Tilikum had done!

This concludes our adventure, of Tilikum’s Ascension, in short story blog form. Look for this title to come to life again, in the future, in audio, paperback and ebook formats, with expanded context.

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