Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Nineteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Nineteen

Ice and Fire

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I had left Tilikum bowed at an altar of transformation. The reliving of lives was the beginning of deliverance, of all that no longer served. The hurts, pains, and injustices would transform into all the colors of the rainbow; bright blues, purples, greens, reds oranges and yellows. What would he be when he was complete? What would he do?

Tilikum came to me that night as I prepared for sleep. Engulfed by a bright white light of power, as I had never felt before, an educated force to be reckoned with, he floated above my bed, more real than he had ever been before. Reaching an etheric fin towards me, he encouraged me, “Come with me I want to show you wonders the likes you have never seen before.”

There was something in his bearing that bespoke of an adventure into the extraordinary. As is my custom, when faced with a choice to go into the unknown, I test the spirit and ask my advanced, In Spirit Guides, if it is safe for me and if I need to take any precautions, before, during or after. These forethoughts have saved me, more than a few times, from being exposed to the dangers of unwanted forces.

I called for Ariel, AA Michael, and my gatekeeper, Job, they each gave me an affirmative head nod of approval that it would be ok —  But cautioned: Tilikum and I should stay together like we had been in the stars, a constellation of two who made one.

Marrying my energies to his, he received me entirely. Tilikum sat me on his back; his dorsal fin became ridges for me to take hold. Side flippers formed into wings to sail us through time and space, and his slick gray hide transformed into scales of brightly shimmering shades of rainbow colors. Tilikum blasted us down, nose diving at high velocities, out of my comfortable realities, into a vortex of a churning earth, discharging us directly into a tornado type hole in the ground, into pitch black!

I locked on tight and held my breath!

When the shaft we traveled ended, we had arrived at the area he had wanted to take me.

I was a bit alarmed. It was as though we went into a far off ancient time never mapped, where it was murky, with no life form, at least that I recognized. A lifeless place. The potential of the location hidden from me; It giving off a separate signature. Every cell in my body screamed, “I have never known this place before!”

After my alarm had lessened a bit, Tilikum described in words and vision to me, “I have brought you back to the beginning of my race on earth. The place of ice and fire, where the dragons life began. Be still and feel the birth of dragons.”

He had placed me in front of his face, he breathed from his dragon nostrils, what I only know to call fire. However, the blaze was not like what we would see in movies or pictures of dragons. This firework was not hot, but rather merely a red flamed lamp that lighted all around us.

We were inside a mud like encased bubble, with its inner core, where we were, a thick gaseous gray smog; This being the creation site of dragons.

There were, unfelt lifeforms, that looked like, what I could only describe, from my biology classes, as ameba, floating around in the space. It reminded me of something you might see in old standing water under a microscope, but we were in a thick smog-like air in an enclosed space. The scenery was all strange to me, but how I felt, or rather that my senses didn’t feel anything, was strangest of all.

Tilikum said, “I want you to feel the full effect of being here, I want you to Be here.”

I understood him to mean you have never been here; you do not have this new birth from the beginning dragon energy, ice, and fire energy, I want you to have it, to hold it, to be it, for me. It is a gift I give you, bringing you here, to receive this power to be a dragon, with me.

I couldn’t refuse his gift. But I didn’t know how to accept it.

“I’m going to leave you alone for a while. Feel the energy, become one with it,” Tilikum said, as he backed off a bit, but didn’t truly leave me. I got the feeling he wanted to see if I would have a transformation or revelation. In fact, he was determined to make sure that I awakened to this energy, to his found origins.

He began coaching me:

“Just relax,” he said. Then, “focus your eyes on the energy. Become one with it, let it engulf you.” With the distance, he put between us his fire light just dimmed the room enough that I could barely see. I felt nothing. It was as though nothing existed in this space. I couldn’t connect.

“Breathe,” he said a bit anxiously, under a hot breath, then backing further away, additionally dimming my view.

I could tell he was beginning to worry. I literally did not know what I was supposed to be doing or experiencing. There was nothing there to all senses except sight; I saw floating irregularly shaped globs of something. That was all!

I determined, I must take my resolution up a notch, or two, or possibly three, to become one, with whatever this place or those things are. More, I didn’t want to disappoint Tilikum. Me, I didn’t care much if nothing happened. But, it was important to him.

I put all my effort into relaxing into the sunken, dark and unrelatable expanse. I allowed myself to float onto my back. I closed my eyes, trusting completely, in the safety of my own power. With a release of tension and calming breaths, I sent out my awareness, feeling the life force of whatever was nearest me. The faintest of signal came to my realization. It was alive! There was life in this place, subtle and strange, dull to my senses, yet there.

With that small success, I reached deeper into the experience, to the source of the activity. It was simple, yet complex, in nature. A soupy mix here on earth. The earth was much smaller than it is now. More rock than a planet I would say. There were no extensive lifeforms or flora or water. Only this soup mixture of life on and under a porous ground.

“Ice and Fire” Tilikum chanted, “ice and fire, ice and fire.”

To be honest, I never felt anything, hot or cold, or saw anything like red flames or coals like fire or wet or solid as ice.

Nonetheless, I take Tilikum’s word for it, that this space and these things were the start of dragons and life on Earth. Earth’s first life beginning in the darkness as it floated through the constellations, first cold then hot, rock . . .  Being navigated through the expanses of time eventually reaching our time; The heart home of dragons, evolutions, and incarnations!

After Tilikum was satisfied that I did indeed have an experience and that I had made contact with the egg of creation on earth, the dragon energy, we found our way back to my sleeping chambers. We both went back into our most present forms, him a whale and me a human woman.  He left me in his excitement, and my bewilderment, as to what it all could mean. Why had he taken me there? Why had it been so important to him? What now?

To be Continued:

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  1. Makes me wonder…dragons as first life beings on earth are the reasons for the dragon energies around earth right now. I mean, it feels like they are around more lately…this is so out of this world…so beautiful!

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