Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eighteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eighteen

Tilikum at an Altar

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The next morning I went to find Tilikum, it being the third day after his soul permanently left his beaten body. I traveled to the ocean he was not there. I moved to the Sea World park he was not there.

While I traveled to and fro, I pondered all the possibilities of where he could be, the last time I had seen him; he had worked himself into a frenzy, rising into Heaven, screaming in power, then defeat, then back again. I knew I shouldn’t be concerned. He would be taken care of by the natural spiritual order of things. But I was worried.

I went to the gateway of Heaven. I frantically called for the angels, that would know where Tilikum had gone and could speak to me of his whereabouts. But it was not angels who showed up in answer to my plea.

In the near distance, a group of, clear, peacefully dim, white Light Healers, appeared in an open doorway, with a soft healing white light streaming out from behind them. I recognized the Light Beings, and space as the site one’s soul might go for healing after physical death. I have been there many times myself, even in this life, out of the body, and I have escorted crossed over loved ones there. However, I hadn’t thought about taking Tilikum there. I wonder why he is here and can all whales go to Heaven?

Magically, the Light Beings transported me through the open lit door and moved me to the healing room where Tilikum was.

Beholding him in his restorative niche, he knelt or rather pooled in a sobbing puddle of dull gray light, at an altar of light. If it had not been for the fact that I am familiar with how his energy signal feels, I would not have known it was him. He did not look like a great big killer whale anymore. He looked like, well, like a mass of unformed, into anything, in particular, spirit. I had never seen such a thing before.

As I focused on his merging formless energy, he would morph into, what I can only presume, were other lives he had lived. Mostly, I recognized some of the misshapen cases he took on; different appearances and sizes; as whales, he had been over the years.

I conferred in confusion to Ariel, an elemental guide fairie that works with me, for clarity on what I was witnessing. She was by my side observing Tilikum, knowing this would need much explaining, if I were ever to understand the relevance, of my being a witness and participant, in Tilikum’s Ascension.

Additionally, Tilikum’s declaration of having been a dragon before. His desire to be a human. What I was witnessing at the altar.
And to what she, Ariel, had told me when we were on death watch with Tilikum in his pool; Once a whale, always a whale, as I had understood it, made me have issues with where we were and what was happening. I have never been in these circumstances with any other animal souls. Had I done wrong by them or is Tilikum a unique case?

Ariel refreshed my memory of her words on that day: “Yes it is true Connie. It is true of all whales. When one has experienced the magnificent sense of being a mighty whale of the ocean, why would you want to be anything else?”

She let me know, in her reference tone and a speculative glance, I had misinterpreted what she had said. I thought she had meant that whales, only, come back as whales, when what she meant was, why would they, want, to come back as anything else. Tilikum had known, in some forward thinking way, he could come back as a human. However, I don’t think he knew then, that he had been a dragon in his past before whales were in existence. I still wasn’t sure how that all worked either. Had he been a dragon? Do dragons still exist?

I do try to listen carefully. Your wise Spiritual Guide types, Elementals, in particular, I have found the hard way, have a way of saying things, and letting us interpret it the way we will. They know we took it wrong, yet they say nothing! I think they even knew we would take it wrong, and say it in a way that we do! Can you feel me hitting the keyboard a little harder with some attitude? I am sure they are doing what is best for us, to help us learn our lessons well. So, one of the first thing we need to learn? Listen thoughtfully. I do love you Aerial. I will do better at listening with understanding!

So, Tilikum could come back as a human, if he so chooses, and has possibly been a dragon, pre-whale earth, in his eternal existence.

Well anyway, I don’t know what to expect next; What was he and his Spiritual Guides up to now? How did living amongst and being trained by humans change his existence? Did my interference in his earth life alter things for him? Is that why he was taken to the altar? Was it destiny, as Tulum believes, that I should take a hand in his ascension? Was it for the better or, the worse? Is this kind of Spirit Rescue work what all Starseeds and Lightworkers are on earth to do? Ultimately, it will be up to Tilikum and each of us, as to how well we adjust to new realities, of the energies, we carry, as a part of our soul’s ascension, and what we do with our transpiring powers as we ascend.

Suffice it to say — Tilikum could be anything he wanted to be and so can you and me.

To be Continued:

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