Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Sixteen

Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars

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On the night of his death, Tilikum had left me standing on the ocean cove overhang watching him, and his new pod family swimming away, into the direction of the sun. I truly thought I had seen and heard from him for the last time. A happy ending for Tilikum.

However, in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 8th, 2017, I was awakened from a deep sleep by a ghostly, muffled voice declaring: “I have been dead 48 hours.”

A visitation from Tilikum was the last thing I had expected!

I shook the sleepiness from my muddled mind while trying to remain reachable to him, from his spirit to mine. I looked at the clock to take note of the time of his declaration of, “I have been dead 48 hours,” but now I can’t remember what I saw after going back to sleep and not recording it onto paper. I am fairly sure it was between the hours of 3:00-4:00 AM. If I had to guess, I think it might have been, 3:24, or at least something of consequence happened at that time. I remember seeing that time and thinking,”3- the body, 2- loves, 4- this season.”

Once I was able to grasp, believe, and receive what I was experiencing, that Tilikum had come to me, he swamped me with his intentions.

He bi-located me to the cliff above the seaport and leaped inside my heart. I was taken back by the surge, and at the same time, couldn’t help but embrace his love swimming through me, his slick wet hide dripping, then gushing throughout my entire body!

I allowed him his joy at being free and loving me. When he had finally broken his inundation of me and moved back a bit, I took a good look at him. He was healthy and vibrant, an etheric gray light.

After a moment, he stated more than asked, “Come swimming with me,” and before I could question or answer, we were in the ocean far away from the cove. He had taken me to the long ago pre-time island. In implanted visions that he put in my mind, he showed me myself through his eyes through the ages and times.

I was a child, then a grown woman, dark skinned and dark haired who had come to the shores and cliffs of an island to visit him. Sometimes I would run down the beach while he swam and blew puffs of plumed water from his blow hole in welcome of my presence. I waved in greeting to him as I skipped happily along laughing at his antics. It was the good old days. We had many to share, and this one, of him taking me on tour and filling me with love, would be another treasured time that would grow in value.

Tilikum informed me, “We have had many lifetimes together,” and that It was no accident I found him in his need. We are connected forever by love. However, this time it had been a sad dance we stepped into action to — drawn into the music of this life on earth and the will of others.

When he was through sharing his heartfelt message, he took me back to the cove ridge. He stayed in the water below looking up at me on the overhang. I thought this was farewell once again, at least for a while. But then all of a sudden he got a strange expression on his face, one of going far and seeing something he didn’t like. Then before I knew it, we were both in Sea World park.

He had put me sitting on a sloped cement slab with my feet hanging in the pool water, and he was above me, in the air, still, and intently listening to something. I wondered in thought at him; why was I sitting with my feet in the water while he was not in the water. Also, why were we here and how could he so easily take me wherever he wanted.

Furthermore, I was a little concerned about his mental state and wondering, was he going to have a breakdown, and how I would deal with it if he did. Once again I was in uncharted waters.

I tentatively asked him, “why are we here, Tilikum?” He shushed me mid-sentence while continuing his focused listening to something I could not hear.

I waited, appreciating how a whale’s hearing is much better than mine. After a time, Tilikum announced, “they’re deciding what to do next with my body.”

“What does it matter,” I experimentally asked. “You are free of that body. You can go anywhere you want to go now. You don’t have to hang around here.”

With his keen sense of smell, he had us take several deep whiffs of the unseen disease-eaten and decaying body as if to store the memory deep inside our core of remembrance. We will never forget that death smell and the whole of its meaning and the life that brought it.

Then without announcement, he took us up into the dark space with the stars. I was with Tilikum in his essence; we were one being with two minds and souls. We shaped our unified self into a constellation, a group of stars representing our lives and existence together, our sacrifices written in the skies. We were a flashlight in the dark nights to many who would fall peril to a blackness put on them undesired, by another.

When I awoke in the morning, I put in my earphones to drown out the Sunday morning cartoons and tuning into my Pandora radio instead, to try and remember and record in these journals the events of the early morning meeting with Tilikum. The song that plays on upstart is one I had never heard before; “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine – on the album “Begin Again.”

I bought the album and added it to a new playlist in my Itunes that I entitled, ‘Tilikum.’ The length of the album is 55 minutes. My life-purpose number in numerology, the number 5. Words like “Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark” and “God tell us the reason” and “I heard you call my name,” sing to me as I write about mine and Tilikum’s adventures of spirit and truth; living amongst the stars after living amidst man.

To be Continued:

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