Daily Date Message: 2-6-2017

Daily Date Message: 2-6-2017

Today’s date: 2+6+1=9

As we fill ourselves up with love and walk in that love we become complete in who we are and what we are about. Love and Life are one circle; you can’t have either in a completeness without both being together.

Love fills our Soul and Life With complete Life and Love. -CCStarseeds✨


  • Are you walking in unity with yourself, soul and the physical man?
  • How can I tell if I am walking in unity, what is a good test for me?
  • How can I get into my heart and know my truth? ( Meditate on your heart and soul)

Vibrate/Sing: I Embrace All of Me in Oneness with Love and Life!

ConniePrestonParker.com/ CCStarseeds
*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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