Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fifteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fifteen

 Tilikum Rest In Peace

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On the night of Tilikum’s announced death, January 6th, 2017, I went in search of him. It has been my experience that in some circumstances, the soul rides in the vicinity of the body or visits loved ones for up to three days before crossing over into the veil of spirit. However, I wasn’t sure about the wise and ancient whale, and Tilikum in particular.

So, on the night of his morning passing, I did indeed find him consumed with the process of what was happening to his body. He wanted to know and, to be honest, so did I, what would they do to his body now that he was dead. He and I watched for a while as some people mourned over him, and others discussed what the process should be for what happened next. We had the feeling they would cut him open to see inside, and then eventually cut him into pieces.

I don’t know if we purposely garbled the communicating human’s conversations, out of fear of the possibilities, or were not meant to know, but we couldn’t grasp for sure what they would do next, and the speculations were upsetting us both.

I found out later that it is customary for Sea World to render the whales, after an internal examination into the cause of death. Then to distribute organs and parts to colleges for scientific purposes, making Tilikum’s and my imagining correct.

After a time of visiting agitation over Tilikum’s remains, I was able to convince him that he could go with me to look at the ocean cove and still return to his bodies observation later if he wanted. I hoped he would not want to go back to the grief-stricken site.

We arrived in spirit form above the sea on the cliff overhang where I had witnessed Tilikum’s whale ancestors vigilantly calling him home to paradise. The sacred site now designated for all marine creatures to reside after physical death if so desired.

We had only been there for the span of a deep breath when Tilikum had transported himself into the wide open ocean. I tried reaching out to his thoughts, as he leaped away from me, but he was no longer interested in anything I had to say. So, I let him go.

Tilikum had joined a pod of Killer Whale souls. They were united in welcoming him as they aimlessly swam in the endless ocean. They moved freely, with no cares for human concerns; greed or lack of knowledge. I watched as they sailed away, fading into the darkness of the setting sun in the blissful pleasure of each others company.

A pulled card from my newly arrived Dragon Oracle deck, that came in the mail the same day Tilikum passed, reveals a dragon laying on the ocean floor with a girl slumbering close to him. It reminds me of the times I spent with Tilikum in his pool, and when we would traverse spirit traveling to the sea. Moreover, the pictured scene mostly reminds me of the lifetime, before time, we had together. In that life, we had lived together in the sea touching hearts, minds, and souls; being in unity.

We all have the sea in our blood and can return there to be a part of the whole of who we, and this planet, are.

As we learn to appreciate and love ourselves, and all that pertains to, we will love the sea creatures as well as all lifeforms, resulting in harmony and an awakening of the Earth inside each of us; That place, our home, the place we belong, for this time, as a part of this living planet.

To be Continued: See what else Tilikum is learning, about who he is, as a spiritual creature.

Chapter Sixteen: Tilikum Star-Child in the Stars

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