Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fourteen

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Fourteen

I Did Know

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Continued: The reason for the calling, by Jesus, to the seaside cliff: As I remember now, he had asked me, “Do you remember why you created this place?” He was talking about the ocean as he spread out his arm indicating the sea that lay in front of us, stretching out to the setting sun on a distant horizon. The place where Tilikum’s ancestors sang his praises. The place where Jesus and I sometimes meet.

“Yes, I do remember,” I had told him. It was to have a place to send the spirits of sea-dwelling creatures where they could rest in peace.

I had created the spot when I had witnessed on a news program, in 2012 I think, how some deep sea fishers have a practice of cutting the prized sharks fin from its body. The report showed how they heartlessly caught, cut and then tossed the helpless finless shark back into the sea from the side of the fisherman boat. All in the name and enterprise to appease the appetites of humans desiring the delicacy of shark fin!

Viewers of the presentation witnessed, at the moment of the organs severing, the poor shark’s eyes rolling back into its head and then it was carelessly flipped back into its ocean home. My heart and spirit followed, hypnotized by those eyes of tortured unbelief, as it flew through the air then helplessly sank to the sandy sea floor, unable to swim or upright itself.

This heart throbbing visual assault came when I had just freshly awakened in an acceptance of my gifts, those of tuning into the hurts of others and my empathic and clairvoyant (clear spiritual feeling and seeing) abilities. I had to find a way to help the poor creature. I would not shut down my gifts and pretend I didn’t know, as I would have in the past, at exposure and insight into pain this intense. So, this shark was one of my first soul rescues.

I dove into the bloody waters and lifted him up, healing its hurts. Then I made a Spiritual-sea-world for it to rest in peace, a wide open free of harm home, where it could learn and grow in spirit. Later I made several more visits to oceans all over the world, searching and finding deceased lifeforms who wanted to transpire into an ever-growing community of souls of the ocean, and then transporting them to the holy waters.

My relationship and the passing of Tilikum have opened doors of emotions and remembrances that otherwise may have remained closed. His loss, once again, is hopefully creating a better life for others.

The scroll handed me years ago, I now see, have written upon it this: Tilikum’s Ascension, and other scripts that this vessel, me, Connie, have and will write, journeys into the worlds of spirit and truth, for the soul purpose of life.

One of those firmly placed messages being to respect all lifeform and — there is a sacred place for each and every soul to rest in peace, so if you can’t find one, make one.

To be Continued:

Chapter Fifteen: Tilikum Rest In Peace>>>

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