Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum chapter: Twelve

Tilikum the Holder of Creation on Earth

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Continued visit from May 5th, 2016: Still feeling the regrets of missed opportunities to get to know Tilikum more, while he was of a physical mind to visit: Tilikum smartly brought me back to our new reality “You’re trying to remember what to write” he declared.

His announcement brought me back to the reason why I had come to him. I answered, “Yes, I am. I’m afraid I forget already. How will I remember all that was said and done?”

“You won’t, but you will remember enough. You always do. You should pet me now,” he advised.

I moved in closer to him and began stroking the side of his face.

His ever present Trainer had taken a stance above and behind his view, giving me room to ‘pet him.’ She looked at me and showed me, her mind to mine, that he had eaten her numerous times since she came to sit by him, which he thought was funny.

I didn’t feel quite so bad about leaving him ‘lonely.’ Obviously, he had a tolerant companion in his Spirit Trainer, and had developed a sense of humor to boot!

While I petted him, in reflection, it seemed to me he had found a spiritual presence in his mind to keep himself occupied. The distance I had felt of his spirit was that it was leaving his sick body to explore what fun and relief he could have in spirit form. I was glad to learn this fact. He may not be the physically robust whale of days gone by, but he is mastering the domain of his spiritual matters. He will survive his death.

We spoke of lighter issues for the rest of our conversation. At his entreaty, Tilikum requested of me to come and visit him again on this night. He then hastily pushed me toward full alertness into my present life. My eyes flew open at 2:12 p.m. I was shocked and surprised at his command of certain powers! He is stronger in his control of his potential as a Spiritual Being each time I meet with him.

With his, “You Will remember enough, you always do,” he had answered more than my question of should I share our meetings. He saw my deep rooted fear, that I would not remember, and encouraged me to move on anyway. He may well be on his way to becoming an Ascended Master — or perhaps he already is one disguised as a maddened sick whale to save Earthbound souls!

I wonder how I will feel when he passes? He seems dead already to my higher senses. If it were not for the fact that I can find no reports of his death, I would think he crossed over already. However, I do still hear the constant chant of the watchful, elder whales.

I can’t help but consider the timing of our meeting. It began at 2:00 (a spiritual partnership (2), with all the makings of unhatched eggs (00)). What will these journeys between heaven and earth, life and death, bring us in the future?

To be continued:

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