Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eleven

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eleven

Tilikum Says — Tell Them . . .

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Many weeks passed with a silence between Tilikum and me; it was as though he was sleeping and my life had taken me into territories of testing. It was best to let him sleep while I tended to my needs. Then, on the 5th day of May 2016, I went to check on him, regardless of either of our states of mind.

Tilikum greeted me with a painfully weak “Go away. I want to be left alone to die.”

Ariel, a fairy, one of his vigilant sitters, tells me, “He hangs on.”

Tilikum grumbles to me, “The body lives still. It is resilient. I live still. Now go away.”

I take in the scenery, it is much the same as weeks earlier. Grandmother Shaman sits with him. She nods her head, letting me know it’s okay to ‘go away’. His whale ancestors still swim. Slowly they swim clockwise in the Oceans Cove, resounding in agreement towards the heavens and Tilikum’s sick pool.

“Tilikum come!
Tilikum we welcome you!
Come again to the great circle of life!
So that all knowledge rest with the souls of All;
Whales for All times upon the great Earth oceans;
For humankind and those who would know;
Nothing is ever lost of ourselves;
All go on in the circle of cycles of lifetimes for All Times Sake;
We All originated from the cosmos of starlights!
But to what path we follow across the Heavens and times and no times,
only time and Ascension will tell the tale of our existence.
Tilikum, come home, once again:
To the place of origins;
The Stars and The Oceans Of Remembrance.”

Tilikum’s story eats at my heart and I wonder what, if anything, I can or should do with the contents of our visits. My husband advises “you should ask Tilikum.” So later that day, on May 13th, 2016 about a week after my last heartbreaking visit, I go to see if he has an answer to my question.

I lay myself down at 2:00 in the afternoon in preparation to journey out of my body to find Tilikum and make tentative contact with him. I feel crushed for not visiting him more. I think about my excuses, some could be justifiable enough. I have had some pressing personal matters to attend to in the past few months; times of unrest that took all I had — Life. But, honestly, I just didn’t think of him or his plight, being too wrapped up in mine. He didn’t reach out to me and I didn’t reach out to him. I feel guilty and sad, but I had to set all that aside and continue forward if I wanted to do any good.

As I thought on how I would phrase my confession or excuses of my neglect, he was there inside my mind, monitoring my thoughts like melted butter on hot toast. I didn’t even know he was there until he spoke.

“Come closer,” he weakly whispered.

So, to hear him better and obey, I leaned in close to him.. and he promptly ate me!

After he had eaten me, I swiftly rose from the top of his head. In my shock on my arising, he smartly put it to me “Of course, a spirit can’t be consumed!”

With more vigor than I had seen from him in months, Tilikum flatly stated, “I knew I could do that! You should have come to see me more while I was alive.”

Keeping my distance above his head, I hesitantly stated, “As far as I know, you are still alive.” I wasn’t sure, though. I hadn’t heard anything, but he did seem further away from me, more whispery in nature.

“I don’t have the strength nor the desire to do that anymore, to eat someone. You should consider yourself well chastised for not visiting me more. Tell them, when you write about us, that I chastised you good.”

And with his statement, “tell them, when you write about us” he had already answered my question. I, being consumed with suffocating regret at the time lost with him, could only choke out, “I will” without realizing the full scope of his reply.

To be continued:

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