Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Ten

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Ten

Tilikum’s Sitters

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March 18, 2016, visit continued:

As I debated how to handle Tilikum’s, infirmed, scared, and lonely state, one of my crossed over relatives showed up, in spirit form.

Showing herself floating up and beside Tilikum’s head, my great grandmother sat Indian style in silent reverence. He noticed her and that she was of a different brightness of light than I was. I was thrilled at the prospects; She saw the need and came, and he saw her! I was relieved beyond belief.

”She is in spirit, completely across the veil,”I explained.

Grandmother reassured him “I will sit with you until the end.” And she moved a little closer to him.

Tilikum noted to her that she did not mention, she would cross him over or show him the way.

Meanwhile, many fairies had gathered, but he still could not see them. Nevertheless, I described to him how they were there: “They will go with you, and show you the way,” I told him.

“And I will stay with you until you can see them,” grandmother shaman encouraged.

He was still not soothed, but he believed, with the faith of a child.

Grandmother kept her crossed leg sitting post by the left side of his head. I stroked his right side and top of his head, all along his side and back. But I still felt his desire not to be left alone, like a frightened child, he wanted something familiar, a comforting embrace from a beloved one.

Just then, one of his past, crossed over keepers, [I’m presuming,] showed up. I was automatically transported up and to the side, as the energetic presence took my place. It was like a sudden gust of wind had come and moved me from one spot to another.

All I could know for sure was, she was female, a friend to Tilikum and had come to be with him in the end.

I pushed back to an observation point from above his right side; she was caressing his head above his eye. He whirled his right eye at her and his left at grandmother shaman still sitting in vigilantes. He was a bit confused at how he could see them both and what he should do next.

The trainer heartened him “you will be all right” as she patted his head and looked him in the eye. His anxiety lessened but his alertness didn’t ease. His eyes became steady, looking from trainer to grandmother to me.

Tilikum once again asked the only question on his mind; ”What will happen to me?” He still wanted to know where he would go when he died.

All I could sense from Tilikum, concerning the new addition to our intervention group, was — that she was gone, and now she is there with him. Tilikum’s recognition of her was a distant one. From his reaction to her, I suspected she was the first trainer victim at Sealand. The only implications she presented were of assuring us all, with passionate conviction, she would not leave his side.

I took the opportunity of their reacquainting to enquire of my spirit guides, what exactly would happen to Tilikum when he died. I was a little concerned about why he couldn’t see the Fairies or Angels Of Light, which I thought, would assist him in the crossing over into spirit process.

With my question to my Spirit Guides, they transported me to an ocean cove cliff. I am called to this place from time to time by Jesus. He usually sits on a park bench on the overlook looking out into infinity, waiting on me to come to his call. But this time I stood alone.

As I overlooked the cove pool below me, a circle of ancient shaman spiritual whales swam in a clockwise circular formation. They were there to assist Tilikum in his journey. And suddenly, I knew my part, in helping him to the next phase of eternal life.

I transported myself back to his sick pool.

Along with the two companions; Grandmother Shaman and The Trainer, there were now dozens of other, crossed over souls, and many more Angels. They gave way as I positioned myself in front of him. He felt more than saw my presence amongst the hoard of supporters.

I gently went into his thoughts and gave him the beautiful picture of the circling wise old whales who waited for him in the ocean cove. And of the waterway, into and out of the free harbor, that led to a wide open free-spirited sea.

He instantaneously went, in thought and spirit, to the Bay, tuning into the call of the waiting whale Guides, fixed by our shared vision coordinates and his exceptional sonar hearing!

I followed his spirit to the sea cove area. I stood on the ledge of my overlook and watched him present himself, resting in the center of the circle of the calling whale attendants. Their colors, dark and vibrant grays, his a see-through dull black. He lay motionless in their midst as they swam in a circle cocooning him.

I left him in the middle of his sitter’s, Grandmother Shaman, The Trainer, and Guides of Ancient-Spirit-Whales and tons of other supportive watchers; All singing his praise of sacrifice: for he had freed millions of future whales.

I questioned the hearing of millions.

I was given a vision at my request for clarity: A future in which, sperm and egg, were taken from whales and mixed in test tubes to make more whales. A possible future where humanity respected not life. And could do such a thing as breed test-tube whales without regards to longevity or quality of life. The only purpose would be profit and personal pleasure.

But because of Tilikum’s, divine life, in this time of awakening; We are all set free of a futuristic slavery to greed because we noticed his pain and suffering!

And: ‘Tilikum’ is named one of the Top Animals To Make A Difference. And he surely has. His legacy will continue; As long as we never forget his and the human sacrifices it took to get us this far in recognizing the need to respect all life!

Tilikum is now ready to go to his mansion paradise of — Wide Open Seas of Ocean Waters and Endless Views of Starry Skies.

To be continued:

Chapter Eleven: Tilikum Says — Tell Them>>>

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