Daily Date Message: 1-26-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-26-2017

Today’s date: 1+26(8)+1=10/1, asks us to examine, how are we connected to the Mighty I Am One With All.

Walking in All That is you and God, Brings about Great Faith in the Oneness of All. 



  • How is my walk and talk with God/Source, the Oneness of All?
  • Am I receiving loving information from the universe that is worthy of sharing with others?
  • How do I naturally intuit God/Source? Do I feel it inside, do I just have a knowing, do I hear and speak truth, or do I visually see things clearly?
  • How can I TUNE into more of my Universal communication gifts, of understanding what is good and right, and then act on that?

Vibrate/Sing: I am One with the Universal Gift of Love and Light – Source!

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