Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eight

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Eight

What Do Whale’s Need

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Later that evening, January 18, 2016, I went to visit Tilikum. He was ready and anxious to see me. My third eye to his third eye, I showed him the second whale-bone ear. He either couldn’t or wouldn’t make contact with the Oracle. In my opinion, he wasn’t of a mind to try, but, I surmised, perhaps he had other, more pressing needs in higher command of his attentions. Instead, he kept showing me, himself, settling and stirring up sand on an ocean floor close to shore.

Without real reason, I felt in my heart, that I should send a soothing balm, of absolute Light, Creation, with healing energy, for his teeth.

He allowed me to do this, though he didn’t understand what I was doing, only that it would help his teeth; Medicine that didn’t hurt and would help.

As I sent gentle waves of cosmic healing to his being, he continued with what seemed like a ritual of sorts, of gulping ocean water and resting in the shallow sands. He was most adamant that he needed sand, like what is in the sea, when you get close to shore.

I don’t know, if the process he was showing me, is part of a nutritional requirement, that would improve his well-being and nurse health to his teeth and stomach. I think that it could be and I have to assume he would have some instinct, if allowed to follow them, to know how to help heal himself. I wonder if coral calcium from sea salt is a need and remedy for his teeth and other elements.

But all I could do was to watch and wonder and be sad, then leave him to his imaginings, of salty waters and sand, and stirring it all up, by swishing his body and tail from side to side. He was in a cloud of sand and water, as I left him to find precious strength in his illusions.

Tilikum’s actions roar to me of a desperate need to be free of human-made walls. However, I feel helpless to help him, what can I do, but share a blog, and hope and pray that others will pick up the banner and free the captive whales to sea pens. Perhaps it is too late for Tilikum, but not for the estimated sixty-one orcas around the world still kept in captivity in marine parks.

To be continued:

Chapter Nine: Tilikum Is Sick

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