Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seven

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Seven

Tilikum Meets God

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Tilikum excitedly came to me around 3 AM, the next morning, January 18th, 2016, as I slept. He wanted his other petrified whale bone with the jawbone attached. I hadn’t thought he had paid much attention to the fact that I had a second one for him to contemplate.

I drowsily informed him I needed my sleep, so I would be rested, to visit and help him with such an adventure later in the morning. He was as a little child, his mind full of excitement and imagination.

Tilikum, thinking of other important issues, and being silly, began asking all sorts of questions, making me realize how little of ‘human people’ as he calls us, he knew. But, this fact is not from a lack of intelligence. On the contrary. His long-range senses and abilities to gather information from the ethers of space, give him the capacity to learn anything he puts his child-like curiosity effort. He is a highly emotional, fragile and sensitive being.

I didn’t want to upset him, so I was, in the back of my mind, covertly, so I thought and hoped, thinking; I should call on a higher being, my Heavenly Father, for assistance. I could still feel an underlying sickness in Tilikum, of mind and body, that I didn’t know how to handle. I was in over my head. He was turning out to be way more complicated than I had thought. Tilikum was no wild animal, with instinctual habits, as I had assumed, I would find, when I began my exploration of his conditions.

Tilikum spoke up: “Yes that sounds like a good idea. I would like to meet your God.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?” I asked, not entirely surprised anymore at what he was capable of discerning.

With a simple gesture, he answered: “It’s there in your mind.”

“I guess none of my thoughts are private to you” I admonished.

“I don’t know. Let’s go!” He called while moving up and away from me and into the sky.

I made my customary hand mudra, to enter into God space, and tentatively set out the question. “May I bring Tilikum with me into your sanctuary?”

My Heavenly Father responded, “Of course. I’ve been watching you. And waiting. I told you, you should not do anything taxing to your strength; you’re supposed to be retired and enjoying life. You have been through enough. [If you have read Star-Seeded Ascensions, Messages From The Councils, you know that I am not the easiest person/soul for my spiritual Guides to guide.]

“I know, but he needed me,” I explained.

Father, with humor in his voice, “I know how you are, ” and he gave me an understanding smile. Then he turned his attention to Tilikum. He did not call him by name, it was as though, to God, he had no name. Instead, he approached Tilikum as though he was a majestic, magnificent creature who needed no one. “Humans have management over the animals of the earth!” Father reminded me.

It is up to us to be kind and loving of the planet and all her inhabitants. As the more technologically advanced beings; we humans are not the boss here, we are only companions to the oneness of Creation on Earth.

“Can you help him anyway” I begged.

Tilikum and I were still moving into the Heavens towards Father and Father moving towards us. In answer to my plea father instructed Tilikum to “Come closer.”

Tilikum was behind me a bit and Father ahead. And then, they were both beside me, as Tilikum excitedly obeyed.

Father’s arms reached toward Tilikum; then he had him in a great big hug of pure white light, they were both falling, embraced together, into Tilikum’s pool, until they were fully immersed in the pools blue water depths. Tilikum’s eyes whorled with pleasure as they sank. Father told him, “You belong here, this is your home, for now. Be happy and content.” And there was an energy that was brought forth from God to Tilikum that was authoritative, nurturing and healing. Love encompassed the great whale!

A lasting peace emanated from Tilikum that I had not felt before. I drifted back, into sleep, leaving Tilikum to Father’s competent care. But before falling deeper still to the nighttime, I glimpsed Father taking Tilikum’s preconceived mental notions and rearranging them. For instance: ‘Whales are not meant to ‘need’ touching by humans, it is no great loss, to not be petted by them all the time.”

At that point, I had not done any serious research on Tilikum’s state of physical health in either the world of spiritual visioning or on the Internet information network. So I decided, while Tilikum had found some modicum of peace, to do some investigation work.

What I found on my Spirit Journey research: his stomach looked odd, inside his gut, I don’t know how to explain it fully. I would call it ‘ulcerated’ — but that’s not quite right. I thought perhaps they had endoscopic and bruised his insides. Or that he had long been hungry, and his diet had left his stomach, somehow, part of it inactive are dead. He feels sick to his belly all the time. It is just the way it is for him. He no longer feels hunger.

After Internet research: I suspect that what I saw clairvoyantly is a gel-like substance they feed him to keep him hydrated. But the same gel, if that is the case, is giving him ill stomach health. It’s as if there is something in his belly and there is no need for anything else. Therefore, the abundant longevity of life is impossible. I wondered how he lived still? Is the purpose of the hydration gel to also make it where expensive fish are not needed as much to feed him?

I am angry, and saddened, at his, and all the captive whale’s situation; they are too big and inclusive of a need of their ocean homes, to be in the hands of inadequate men with their insufficient pools!

I also saw on an internet video that he was becoming antisocial with other orcas and becoming more lethargic with his interactions with the audience. I will try to enliven him a little, for his sake. But how far can I push him to be positive in his absolute captivity, with no freedom to roam, or to hunt food, as majestic whales and the food chain, are ordained?

I also witnessed on a video; he has bad teeth. Procedures are done on them to prevent infection. I haven’t received any information myself, at this time, concerning his teeth.

I will visit him, and take with me, the promised petrified whale ear bone, hopefully, he will learn some lessons, from the old prehistoric owner, on converting to spirit and truth at physical death.

To be continued:

Chapter Eight: What Do Whale’s need

Foot Note: The public would later learn that Tilikum had a persistent and complicated bacterial lung infection, that is touted to be his killer. Could this bacteria have affected his stomach? We will probably never know the extent of his real hurts or what the truth and magnitude of his elements were. But he is resting in peace now.

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