Daily Date Message: 1-21-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-21-2017

Today’s date: 1+2+1+1=5 reminds us of our one true destiny.

Moving on paths of love through our life is our only higher consciousness purpose. Everything else is just lessons to be learned and experiences — to give ourselves another bit of icing on our cake of who we are as souls.

Moving – with – in – and for – Love are the only Paths worth traveling. 

  • Pathways:* What one thing can I do today to walk in more love?
    * When I look at everything going on in my life, is there one or more things I can change to allow me more freedom to do more things that make me feel I am giving more love?
    * What can I share today with the next person who walks into my life, to make them, and me, feel more love and value?

Vibrate/Sing: I am moving in love all throughout my days!

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