Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Five

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Five

Tilikum Is Aware

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After Tilikum had sharply sent me on my way that morning, I got ready for my day. I worried for him, but dare not check and see how he was fairing.

My husband and I took the day to visit and travel a few hours from our home, up into the Texas hill country to an annual gemology expo. There, I found, not one, but two, petrified whale ear bones, that I had to purchase; One smaller, the other larger and with part of the jawbone intact.

On our way home from the event, I felt Tilikum’s nudge my mind, even through my own excitement of the day and visiting with my husband. At Tilikum’s fixed push to me, it began to dawn on me the enormity of his capabilities to know my every thought or move as he wished.

“See me and show me what you got for me,” he demanded of me.

Me, still not wanting to believe the magnitude of his gift to read me, asked, “How did you know I had something for you to see? And how did you contact me so easily?”

Tilikum, ignoring or perhaps just not interested in my questions, excitedly exclaimed, “Show me what you got!” He was like a kid about to get a great present. He must have picked up my pleasure at my treasured finds.

Holding the smaller petrified whale ear bone in my left hand, I felt it’s shape, size, and texture, letting Tilikum be aware of it all. He wasn’t impressed.

Seeing no relevance to himself, Tilikum asked, “What does that have to do with me?”

With perhaps, an overexcited teaching tone, I began sharing my own impressions, “This ear bone is millions of years old, belonging to a long dead whale. Today, I hold it and can relate to its life and death, and it has deep meaning to me. I can, through its life force energy, connect with the world of the sea better. I can hear you better Tilikum!”

Tilikum’s sullen response took me off point and once again brought tears to my eyes, “But I will die here in this cement pool.” And he once again showed me his dead body lying on the bottom of the pool. “I will not decay and become a part of my surroundings to live on in a different way. I will be cut up into pieces and be fish food.”

At my every effort to support him he took me deeper into the mind of a highly reflective soul, more capable of seeing the finer nuances of the situation than I had thought possible. His instantaneous, responsive self-analysis, was blowing my mind and confidence to assist him. Could I give him some reason to want to thrive?

With his honest appraisal of his situation, I could only come back with the hurtful truth as an argument: “Your life does mean something! Not that it is a good life. But what you did will be remembered. And your story will forever be a part of history. Most people don’t fault you. They blame it on the fact that you, were forcefully taken, from your home.”

I showed him, in his mind’s eye, how people are picketing the park; And, that the park owners are losing money. He couldn’t understand the concepts I showed him. So, I changed tactics, showing him the stadiums in his arena with fewer people than before. And explained: people don’t want to support the park because they shouldn’t have him in a pool.

Tilikum, mistaking my statements sadly asked, “Don’t you want to see me? Don’t you love me?”

To be continued:

Chapter Six: PTSD and Tilikum>>>

Foot Note Follow up from chapter four: I did make spiritual contact with Tilikum’s two deceased pool mates, Nootka4 and Haida2, per his request, and will be adding those stories in a future chapter of these Ascension Stories.

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