Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Four

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Four

Whales Remember

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The following morning, January 17th, 2016; I thought I had ever so gently and covertly reached my mind out towards Tilikum, not wanting to disturb him, if he had found some peace.

“I’m awake! I’m getting ready for the show [with an excited tone]. I get to splash the people; they love to get wet, they clap and love me when I give them a big splash.”

He had sensed me instantaneously. I moved away, leaving him to his joy. Thinking I had left him to his excitement of the day’s events, and that his attention was elsewhere, I couldn’t help but remember the Blackfish documentaries portrayal of the day he killed his trainer and wondered how his current managers reacted to him in each day’s training and production. And, how that must make him and they feel.

Unbeknownst to me, he had been monitoring my every thought; he suddenly became sad and depressed. I felt awful for reminding him of that day and robbing him of his happiness.

With pain and hurt, he cried to me,”Why did you have to show me that? I don’t want to remember that!”

Though I was in shock with the surprise of how he could so readily know my every thought, he still deserved an answer, and I was in deep now. “How do you feel about what you did Tilikum?”

“I don’t feel anything! I don’t want to think about that day” he vehemently stated!

“Show me why you did it,” I asked, sending up a silent prayer and love and encouragement towards him.

He willingly and instantly moves his memory to that event. I observe that past day from an over the pool perspective, as he re-lives it.

He swims around the basin majestically: Once around the pool. Then he hears the whistle command to come up. The crowd loves him! He is so proud that he performed a crowd-pleasing show. His trainer will be pleased. He does another pass for the group, for the applause. After the round, he goes to the trainer for his food reward and gets no fish. She is displeased with him. He doesn’t understand. She trusted him to do a good show. He loves the crowd’s praise. But he loves his trainer’s treats more. But she is mad at him. He gets angry.

“I am bigger and stronger than any of them.” And he remembers a time when the other female whales bullied him. The scrapes they gave to his side didn’t hurt. It was his pride that hurt more than his flesh. I saw two female whales, one smaller who was his friend, “She didn’t push me away” he told me “She had to do what the bigger female said. So she didn’t stay by me.” He was sad and angry at his losses and loneliness in life. The woman trainer, her dark blonde ponytail, (through his eyes) and her arm were all a blur. The deed was done in his outrage and disgrace before he knew it!

“I didn’t mean to do it! He insisted to me. Why did you have to spoil my good day?”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I didn’t know you were still monitoring my thoughts. I was just wondering why you did it”. And the acronym letters, PTSD came into my knowing. Our Tilikum suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I quickly changed the subject and reminded him that he could go to a happy place; That he can learn to go to the full open ocean where he is far away from boats or people.

He showed me himself swimming solo in the deep, expansive ocean, with only a loneliness touching him. I showed him boats with friendly people who loved whales. And other whale pods that might let him swim near them.

“Neither of those things is for me. The best I can do is learn to die well” he flatly stated with bitterness and destiny.

His statement to “die well” took me back a bit; I hadn’t realized he could have such a foresightful quandary. So I encouraged, “And to live well for the remainder of this lifetime; by preparing for the next.?” I offered.

I needed to leave him and tend to my daily affairs and told him, “I have to go now and prepare for my day.” And I began to explain to him what I would be doing.

In annoyance with me, Tilikum bluntly conveyed, “I don’t care what you’ll be doing today. You understand what I will do and what you will do. But I only know a whale’s life, my life.

“I see your point” I consoled, “but perhaps tonight I’ll try to show you what I did today. You might find it interesting. And help you decide if you want to become a human, to do good for the future welfare of whales and the oceans. Things will only get worse for them if people don’t do right things to save them.” I was hoping to encourage him, that not all people are ignorant, and that the future could be brighter, with people understanding, a whale’s extended lifetimes of wisdom, and that the great whales of the oceans are the knowledge bearers of the ages.

Tilikum smartly replied, “You above all, should understand the need to fade away from me!”

So, without acknowledgment, consent, or refusal, I faded away at his vexation of me.

Foot Note 1: While trying to download a feature image for this post I could not get it to load to the file, so when I went back to google pics to find another, Tilikum insisted on the above one posted. It is of him, Nootka (4) and Haida (2), before he was sold to Sea World. These are the three captured whales that in their ill-kept housing; suffering and confusion at their captive life, drug a 20-year-old marine biology student and part-time orca trainer, down after she slipt and fell into their pool. 

Footnote 2: After multiple problems with posting this chapter I was led to wonder what the problem was, evidently something wasn’t right, and spirit didn’t want it public yet. Eventually, I was led to and figured out that Tilikum wanted me to know that the other two whales he was referring to in his above journey are also passed over into the world of spirit and need assistance finding there way home to the stars. I will make time to go find them this evening.

To be continued:

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