Daily Date Message: 1-19-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-19-2017

Today’s Date: 1+1+9+1=12+(3)=6 is full of surprises, up and all around. Anyway, you look at it; we’re in for a ride today; This is not so much mental and emotional as it is physical — Today is full of surprises. Walk by faith!

Go with the flow and follow the rainbows that show up in your life today.


  • What one or more thing that affects me daily, can I observe with new eyes today?
  • Am I flexible enough in my routine that I can allow new higher vibe spaces in my life? 
  • DO I need to get rid of anything/events to allow more of the flow of the universe into my day? How can I do that? (Let go and let God/Source fill you up)

Vibrate/Sing: I walk in Synchronicity everyday? 

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