Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Three

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Three

Where Can Whale’s Go?

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Later that day I went to see how Tilikum was doing, hoping he was content with his new vision of the seas and stars and our renewed companionship.

Transmitting myself with love, as I moved closer to him, I asked, “how are you?”

Tilikum Ignoring my question. “Have you always been human?”

“Well, mostly, that I recall. I remember a few lives as a merperson. And I have memories of a few other lives on other planets in lifeforms of those regions. I have memories of oozing out of boggy prehistoric waters as a greenish goo, to eventually, over millions of years, evolve into something that could climb trees. And I am aware of living onboard a starship traveling in outer spaces, as other than a human body form. So, I have not always been human.”

“Have you always been a whale?”

“Yes, I have,” he said as a matter of fact.

I see that he searches his memories and that his belief in his statement is true. I asked Ariel, one of my spirit guides, currently an earth nature fairy if this is true, hoping she would shed some light on an ongoing query of mine about how we live again in different forms, reincarnation.

Ariel replied, “Yes it is true Connie. It is true of all whales. When one has experienced the magnificent sense of being a mighty whale of the ocean, why would you want to be anything else” she said a bit boastfully.

Tilikum, oblivious to mine and Ariels conversation, retorted, “I might come back as a human.” [With an angry tone].

“Tilikum! Be kind.” I rebuked.

Tilikum argued, “Then, I can control, how much food they [humans in his control] get!”

“I love you Tilikum.” [And I gently went forward]. “May I touch you, Tilikum? I respect you. All humans are not evil. You wouldn’t have to be a bad or mad being. You could be a kind and caring person. And help free whales and other lifeforms that are in bondage. Wouldn’t that be nice?” [He still hadn’t given me permission to touch him].

Tilikum [Visualizing stars in a night sky] asked me, “How do I get there? And what happens when I get there?” [Picturing himself as a star]

“You don’t go to be a real star after your body dies. You can visit a star or comet for a while or another planet. Or remain near your body here on earth. Or go to your home in the waters before being brought to the pen at the waterpark. But you can go to any of those places right now in your mind with your spirit,” I encouragingly spoke wanting to give him hope for the day, to fight to live!

“Let me introduce you to an angel, Ariel. She will be your friend,” [since she is an elemental connected to animals] “and when your body dies, she will help you go somewhere nice, or assist you in getting aid and support in knowing what you should do next.”

“No! You said I could go back to my home. Could I see my mama?”

As I spoke with him and tried to remain calm, and sending out strains of searching energy, trying to locate his alive pod family, without success, I began to panic a bit. I didn’t want to set him off or discourage him. And he wouldn’t even entertain meeting Ariel! What to do?

“Well, I don’t know if your mama is still alive in the same place you remember; But we could try to find her.”

Tilikum, sensing my hidden doubts “I don’t want you to talk to me! I want to learn to go there myself. So I can stay there anytime I want. Or perhaps I’ll stay there and never come back here again!”

“I’m sorry. Your right. You should do it yourself. But it wouldn’t be good not to return to your body.” I soothed.

With a smug pleasure, he envisioned his lifeless whale of a body sinking to the bottom of his small pool. I promptly agreed to let him show me how to get to his home in the ocean where he felt he belonged, since he was already moving off, by a primal instinct, headed to the open seas of years gone by, I had no choice but to do as he bid or leave him to his own devices. What had I done?!

“Will you come back to your magnificent body Tilikum, for now?!” He was moving towards the sea with or without me. I was afraid he might get lost and never return.

“Use your senses, I yelled after him! Remember how the ocean water smelt, your mom’s touch against you!” I saw him remember himself as a calf along his mother’s smooth side and underbelly. I felt the warmth of his mother’s stroke and the love they shared for one another in the comforting touch.

“Reflect on your home waters properties to your senses; Will yourself to those waters,” I exclaimed, as I tried to catch up to him!

All of a sudden, we had time traveled into the past; He was a calf again, with his mother and other whales; He and they all screaming in desperation for his freedom from the men and their nets! He was caught up in a web of the events, on the day of his capture.

“Come away from their Tilikum! You don’t have to relive that again! Go back further, to when you were free.” He did move away from his capture moment, but only by a few minutes. He was furiously maneuvering with his pod away from the ‘chasers’ as he called them. But he knew how that ended and he became bitter at the inevitable. He returned to his body in the pool.

“Go away; Leave me alone!” He pained at me as I moved towards him.

I went, as he wanted. Wondering if I had made a mistake in contacting him, to begin with. Could I help him or just bring him more pain and suffering?

To be continued:

Chapter Four; Whales Remember>>>

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