Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Two

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter Two

Companion Of The Seas and Stars

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Tilikum asked me, “How are you here with me now in my captivity”?

I am aware that I am a Star-child, a Soul living out a life in a body. I can travel in spirit where ever I wish to go.

I observed a closing of his mind; a dark space appeared to mine senses. So I asked permission from him to explore his mind once again, with the intent to open him to his truth. Whatever that may be. He consented with guarded hope.

Gently flowing into his mind, like thick golden honey, I set a soothing balm of discernment into his mind. We were on the other side of individuality; In an eternal existence of substance beyond our present worldview.

Observing him from outside of ourselves, I was over the endless high seas, him resting in the waters of the deep gazing at a dark starlit sky. He wondered, with the awareness of being a Star-Being, that when his body died, he would become one of those stars.

Tilikum suddenly came back to his earthly reality with a strong desire to die of his current earthly situation. And to be buried at sea. He and I had a good cry at that.

Would there be any chance for his remains, after death, to naturally decay in the vast open plains of the deep seas and endless sky?

I left Tilikum dreaming of the wide-open sea and stars. He bid me farewell and come again. I floated my awareness gently away, calling him ‘friend.’ He corrected me with a word “companion”! And I bowed my head to his ancient wisdom; ‘companions’ always and forever.

To be continued:

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