Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter one

Tilikum’s Ascension: Chapter one

A Journey Begins

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On 1/16/2016
I’d watched the documentary “Blackfish.” Filmed in 2013. Afterward, I surfed the Internet for information on the welfare of the Whale Star, Tilikum. There was nothing new to find. How was he doing, what was going on with him? There was a void. Except for the fact that he was still in the hands of the carnivorous SeaWorld.

So, I had to find out for myself. Not having the time or expenses to see him in Orlando Florida in person, I did the next best thing. I Bi-Located; Astral-traveled: moving my spirit into the ethers of space without laws of gravity or time. I transposed myself into Spirit-Form. Leaving my physical body behind, my Spirit-Soul free to go at will, I went in search of Tilikum. And when I found him, he was not what I had expected!

I found him in a cement pool. I do not know how big or small or deep. He lay nosed up a water level ramp. He ignored me, rolling big black eyes. But when I approached him reverently and asked his permission to touch his head, to my surprise, he vehemently acknowledged me.

 “What do you want? Are you afraid I’ll eat you”?

I could feel his many deep hurts. He expected I would demand something of him and give him nothing he needed in return. Even food was not a temptation to him anymore. Bitterness was his contingent. Unbridled sympathy filled my heart and tears washed my face.

I let him feel my heart; how concerned for him I was. And he finally looked at me.

“You may touch me.”

I gently placed my etheric hand on his ponderous head. My thoughts to his mind, I knew him. And he knew me. Transfixed for some moments, getting to know and trust; no harm, no expectations, just being ourselves. I feel the length and width of his girth. I notice a dark matter to his inside stomach. I saw with intent to heal his hurts. He thrusts me aside!

“You may look but do not touch. What is mine I will keep to the end!”

He is aware of his internal sufferings and embraces them as the way to end his suffering and torment. With guardedness, I go inside his body. Exploring. He was sick unto death! Parts of him, black as night, no life light left, and he lets the darkness reside to consume him.

The “Blackfish” documentary presumed, a whale’s large brain harbored inside a highly emotional creature. Could it be? I wanted to see.

Going into his thoughts, they are old beyond the small scope of his 30+ earth years. Unrecognized retrospection housed in mind matter of ages since his lineages creation. All there, flowing, milk and honey, an ancient computer stored in encryption within the whale’s memory banks.

The revelation’s stored within his mind, of all genetic history, carried within, took us both back. We gave space to one another in deep contemplation.

“What could this mean”? We thought to one another and ourselves.

Asking his permission to explore further, he agreed. Soul skin to heart skin we touched each other’s essence of the mind’s eye. We transported to a far past time. There, I, a female merperson and he a female whale, knew and swam together. I explored a city of rocks and cliffs on wet, sandy land, but felt more at home in the oceans. It was a time before time; we knew no time. There were no human kind, only the species of the seas, and those who had merged onto sporadic moist islands, to investigate their convergent advantages.

Female Tilikum was my constant companion, as I explored rocky shores popping up amongst the waters, making my transition from sea to land.

After millions of centuries, of a water world, a city appeared upon the islands of receding waters. It was a magnificent city made of gold pillars. There was a race of people there, the first people. But they were not of this world of water. But of the heavens. They glowed white with clear light. It was still, a time before time was upon the Earth. No moon or sun shone though only a constant gray haze for light, making the people brighter than the sky.

The Illuminated Ones called to those of us who would come. And over expansions of processes, in my soul’s evolutional history, I evolved, living ashore leaving the oceans memories behind.

Tilikum and I knew from our minds together; homo sapiens had converged from the waters over time. While Tilikum and his/her kind remained the oceans keepers; the memories of All-Earth-Time for us All.
At our discovery, Tilikum and I wondered into current time, at our future. What could we do, if anything, to make it better than thus far, for us All?

To be continued:

Chapter Two: Companion Of Seas and Stars >>>

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