Daily Date Message: 1-16-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-16-2017

Today’s date: 1+16(7)+1=9 begs us to take the path of reflection today; And in so doing we can accomplish and finish more.

-Completion of Goals brings about higher dimensions of self appreciation. Set your aim high!


  • Think, what one thing can I do today that will bring about self-appreciation? 
  • Can I finish a project that will bring about a great sense of satisfaction?
  • What is one thing I have finished that I can be proud of? 
  • How can I reflect on all I have accomplished that is good? Whatsoever things are good, think on these things. 

Vibrate/Sing: I am proud of all I have accomplished! 

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™

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