Tilikum’s Ascension: Introduction

Tilikum’s Ascension: Introduction

Tilikum’s Ascension; A Short Story, Introduction

I never met Tilikum in flesh and blood, that will be something I regret. But I did meet with him on several occasions in the world of spirit through astral travel, throughout the year of 2016. I thought I knew what to expect from an Orca. But there was much surprise in our meetings, and he taught me a lot about the animal kingdom, giving me a new perspective on all life here on earth.

What Tilikum accomplished during his life was both shocking, and powerful. He did, tragically and grievously, kill Dawn Brancheau and two others, *bless their souls forever*; but he also put an end to Sea World breeding whales, therefore, in eventuality: There will be no more captive whales at Sea World.

On January 6, 2017, the news article from Peta reads “R.I.P. Tilikum, Dead after three decades of misery”.

OrlandoSentinel.com is more pointed in their headline; “Tilikum, the infamous Sea World killer whale, has died.”

I had posted a blog of mine and Tilikum’s spiritual conversations and visits along with insights into our meetings, in the middle of 2016, but that blog site, due to technical difficulties, went down in the last months of that year.

When I heard the news on the day of his passing; that his spirit had finally left his body for good, I knew I had to get those post back up to honor his life. The results was a lengthy read to anyone who cared to take the journey into the soul of a killer whale.

Now, for those of you who like a good story, in short, for deep thoughts, I have divided that long post up and will be republishing the story in bite sizes.

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Also, I have been in contact with Tilikum since his passing from the body and would like to share how and what he is doing since leaving the world of flesh and blood.

This re-telling of the spiritual journey into the soul of Tilikum begins tomorrow on his and mine one-year anniversary; It was on January 16, 2016, that I went in search of the killer whale of the Dark Fish Documentary, to see how he was fairing.

I hope you enjoy getting to know him on a personal level, as I did. And like myself, I guarantee, you will be changed forever at how you view life and death.

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