Daily Date Message: 1-15-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-15-2017

Today’s date 1+15(6)+1=8 reflects that we are a part of all there is, and when we love and care for ourselves we are better able to love and care for others.

When we love ourselves unconditionally that internal love, care, and support, is refracted to the world.


  • What do people see coming out of me to them when they look at me?
  • How can I radiate more love/ love myself first?
  • Can I give myself a break today; no harsh judgments?
  • What one thing can I do today to show myself I am important and special? (A long relaxing soak in a salt bath, a self-done pedicure) – I Am — worthy of my time and care!

Vibrate/Sing: I Am worthy of my love and appreciation. I Am one of a kind special!

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