Daily Date Message: 1-12-2017

Daily Date Message: 1-12-2017

Today is a 12(3) day – in a 1 month and a 1 year: 1+3+1=5

The sum of the day is 5; It’s a good day to grab hold, hang on tight, and move things around to suit your life path better.

When we, on purpose, notice what is not working in our lives and rearrange them to suit us better, we prosper. Take time today to shake things up a bit; Get rid of things that no longer serve.

-When things start shifting in life, let them fall away like sand through your fingers; No Worries!

Pathways: Observing what is no longer working in my life;

  • How can I simplify my daily task to make my life easier?
  • What can I do to shore up or organize better what is working in my life?
  • What one thing can I do today to make my life more productive? (BreathE)

Vibrate/Sing: I move effortlessly through life!

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