Daily Date Message; 1-9-2017

Daily Date Message; 1-9-2017

Today is a 9 day – in a 1 month and a 1 year: Added together today’s date sum is 11; (A Master Number representing a doorway to your perfect path.)

Sometimes it is refreshing when life flows straight ahead with no hills to climb or dangerous curves to navigate. Today is one such day for many. Go with the flow of things and watch what happens. Even if things get dicey know that this too will pass and with observation to the events, a door will open to an easier flow. There is always hope and a better way of doing things. Watch for the starlite paths in your life, that lead to the realisation of your dreams.


  • Do I believe I must suffer or work hard for every gain in my life?
  • What can I do to have more faith — that I deserve to know — The Way?
  • What aspects of my life am I happy with? How can I have more of those spaces in my life?
  • What one thing can I let go of, or do, today to have more faith that — I Am directed by a higher-power and my higher-self?

Vibrate/Sing: I walk through the Gate-Way of my Life-Purpose!

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