R.I.P. Tilikum Star-Child 1-6-2017; part 1 (Original post)

R.I.P. Tilikum Star-Child 1-6-2017; part 1 (Original post)

This Blog about Tilikum has been Edited and Divided into smaller blog chapter sections for easier reading.

Start at the beginning with the Introduction. Or go to the Table of Contents page for this story Tilikum’s Ascension to see chapters in order.


3 Replies to “R.I.P. Tilikum Star-Child 1-6-2017; part 1 (Original post)”

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful, heartfelt post. Different emotions emerging to the surface. Speechless and there’s no words to explain the feelings I have from what you’ve just shared. Fly high Tilikum! Much love and light

      1. It’s truly a blessing that you are sharing this with the rest of us. Thank you so much Connie. And a big thank you and a hug to Tilikum! Much love and light!

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