Daily Date Blog: 1-7-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-7-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-7-2017(10/1)

Today is a 7 day – in a 1 month and a 1 year: Added together today’s date sum is 9.

A path of reflection ends all suffering and revitalizes a new way of being. When we can see all that we have accomplished, we can finalize, in our mind and life, what is blessedly fruitful and what is destructive in our life. We can then make the necessary course corrections to fulfill our dreams and desires. What do you want to accomplish in your life today to bring more rest and peace of mind?

-When we stop to reflect on where we have been, we can clearly see what we can become. 


  • What can I do today to take a break and reflect? (Play some inspiring music, journal, talk with a trusted loved one, ..)
  • How can I take what I have observed in my reflections to the next level of healing? 
  • What one action step can I do today to make my visualized dreams a reality? 
  • How can I come back to a contemplative state in routine, to always be musing on how I can learn and encourage myself in my mistakes and congratulate myself on my progress? 

Vibrate: I Am Victorious!

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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