Daily Date Blog: 1-6-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-6-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-6-2017(10/1)

Today is a 6 day – in a 1 month and a 1 year: Added together today’s date sum is 8.

A path of unifying the things of the flesh and body — with the aspects of the soul and spirit are our focus today. This unification of making, into one, all that we are, brings a connection to all that is!  What better practice could we have today, than to become one with our self and Creator/Creation/Source?

-When we take the time to be still in our bodies and reach out with our indwelling soul, we make a connection with our soul and source.


  • What rating or percent would I put on how holy or complete I feel?
  • Am I always fair in my assumptions of how “put together I Am” reasonable, just and honest, to myself first; admitting that where I am is beautiful in its own right?
  • What things can I do to live up to my true identity of what I need to do to be made more whole? (Meditate, pray, listen in the silence, eat healthy, take walks or hikes in nature. .)
  • How can I activate the first step into doing, at least one thing today, to make me feel more one with All?      

 Vibrate: I Am One with All! 

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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