Daily Date Blog: 1-2-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-2-2017

Daily Date for 1-2-2017(1)

Today is a 2 day + a 1 month + a 1 year: Added together today’s sum = 4.

The Path of Love is the True Path! There is no other way to know, any knowledge of anything, anyone, or our real life purpose, except to Love in every season!

– In this number One (1) year, and One month,  we are aware, we should focus on our destiny this year. Today, the second day of this 1 year we acknowledge we are love and loved. 

  • What are we doing, or not doing that we should, that will lead us to our true potential?
  • How can we focus on Love in every decision that comes our way?
  • Who are those people in our life who affect our paths?
  • Who in our life do we affect?

Vibrate: I Am – stable and loving in all my relationships!

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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