Daily Date Blog: 1-1-2017

Daily Date Blog: 1-1-2017

2017 when added together and reduced = 2+0+1+7=10/1; a number One year.

This year will bring many opportunities in our life! In Fact, each day will present choices to us, and our actions to each one will dictate the next presented moment.

In, One number years, we should concentrate on our paths. Straight as an arrow we should focus our intention on, New Beginnings that improve our life!

A full assessment is called for, in each day/path/choice presented.
*It is a good year to have the motto, out with the old that no longer serves my higher good.
*Give ourselves fresh new starts and approaches to our outlook on our life purpose.
*What do we want to accomplish?
*Am I happy with all the aspects of my life?
*What can I change?
*What can I rearrange to suit my desires better?

Set an intention for the year to find and follow the many paths in the seasons ahead that bring you joy and love!

Today in particular 1-1-1; is the Day of The Path Choice!
*What are your intentions for this year?

1+1+1=3; This day also calls for self awareness:

*What does your body need to be healthy and happy?

Paths/Gateway of the road/path/way is many choices/decisions/paths and the gateway to ascension – the AscensionSeeds to awakening into the light and love of heaven on earth and beyond!

*Consciously Creating Star-Seeds for Ascension™️

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