2017 A One Year

2017 A One Year

During the past few months, weeks and days my anticipation of the new year have grown. 2017. This new year, for me and perhaps you, brings new ideas on how we want our life to be. What paths we should stay on, get off, or create for ourselves.

When you add all the numbers of 2017 together 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1, they ultimately sum to One; This will be a One number/path year.

Pathways will open up to us this year like never before. What will we do with those paths? Will we make opportunities for growth and awakenings into the ascension of our higher-self and oneness with the creator and creation and our fellow man? Or will our life and the paths we travel be of mud and challenges that stick to our feet like cement keeping us earth-bound? We get to choose – if we choose!

I think, many, like myself, feel the importance of the coming year. On the day of this entry, December 30, 2016, I can feel the whole of my being standing still in these last few days of the Nine year, 2016(9). Taking note of where I have been since the last One year, 2009(11) being a double Path/Gateway/One year, I have traveled far.

My life tracks have seen great hurdles at times; lessons learned, Journey Journals to write.

Each day and year I walk the experiences/paths I do to become the person I am today and will be tomorrow. And now today, I get to decide again, what I will be and what I will do with the rest of my life?

According to the Word Of The day app. The word for today, December 30, 2016, is, senectitude, meaning “the last stage of life; old age.”
At fifty-four I am ready for a little retirement from upsets; a road to fulfillment of a hard-earned respite from the journeys into the awakening of my soul. I have traveled far and learned much.

And so I look at the new year and ask myself, “what does it look like if I do this or if I do that?” I can make it into the best year and life I have ever had, or I can create hardships and challenges. This year I want to take my life path into my hands and create it into a dream come true, on the highway of One!

What about you? What does the coming year look like for you? How can you change it, by making planes and being determined, to make it better and more in alignment to what you want to do or be?

Mantra for the new year:
I take all that I have learned in these past years and turn them into a sure-footed next season and future for myself. I don’t allow others or myself to take me in directions that wear me down and out of my life path, of peace, harmony, and oneness with all that I Am! This is my mantra, Path-Way, for the year 2017.

Come along with me on this and other journeys, Follow This Blog, ConniePrestonParker.com; see how I do as I face the challenges of reconciling my past into a new path for the future, of finding out who I want to become, and taking charge of my Spirit and Soaring with Soul (SSS)!

This is the year of:
I Am All that I Am;
In the Oneness of All that Is;
Creation, Creator, God, Source; All;
The One Path!

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